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Curriculum Committee

The School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts Curriculum Committee (SSHA CC) serves as the faculty Senate body that exercises curricular authority specified in the SSHA Bylaws on matters related to undergraduate curriculum within the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (SSHA).

The SSHA CC also advises the school's dean on matters related to curriculum and associated policies and procedures. 

SSHA Curriculum Committee Policies and Procedures

2023-2024 SSHA Curriculum Committee

2022-2023 SSHA Curriculum Committee

2021-2022 SSHA Curriculum Committee

2020-2021 SSHA Curriculum Committee

2019-2020 SSHA Curriculum Committee

2018-2019 SSHA Curriculum Committee

2017-2018 SSHA Curriculum Committee

2016-2017 SSHA Curriculum Committee

2015-2016 SSHA Curriculum Committee

2014-2015 SSHA Curriculum Committee

  • Jan Goggans (chair)
  • Mariaelena Gonzalez (PSY)
  • Sholeh Quinn (HWC) 
  • Nathan Monroe (POL) 
  • Sarah DePaoli (PSY) 
  • Jeffery Gilger (PSY) 
  • Laura Hamilton (SOC) 
  • Robert Innes (SSM) 

2013-2014 SSHA Curriculum Committee 

  • Sholeh Quinn (chair) 
  • Ramesh Balasubramaniam (CIS) 
  • Nigel Hatton (HWC) 
  • Jeffery Gilger (PSY) 
  • Mariaelena Gonzalez (PSY) 
  • Deborah Wiebe (PSY) 
  • Zulema Valdez (SOC) 
  • Robert Innes (SSM) 

2012-2013 SSHA Curriculum Committee 

  • Holley Moyes (chair) 
  • Rick Dale (CIS)
  • Virginia Adan-Lifante (HWC) 
  •  Jeffery Gilger (PSY) 
  • Paul Almeida (SOC) 
  • Theofanis Tsoulouhas (SSM) 

2011-2012 SSHA Curriculum Committee 

  • Holley Moyes (chair)  
  • Evan Heit (CIS)
  • Rick Dale (CIS) 
  • Virginia Adan-Lifante (HWC) 
  • Jeffery Gilger (PSY) 
  • Shawn Kantor (SSM) 

2010-2011 SSHA Curriculum Committee 

  • Linda-Anne Rebhun (co-chair) 
  • Jan Wallander (co-chair) 
  • Peter Vanderschraaf (CIS) 
  • Kevin Fellez (HWC) 
  • Paul Almeida (SSM)
  • Steve Nicholson (SSM)

2008-2009 SSHA Curriculum Committee 

  • Will Shadish (chair) 
  • Susan Amussen (HWC) 
  • Sean Malloy (HWC) 
  • Nella Van Dyke (SSM) 
Last Updated: August 2022