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Finance & Administrative Operations


School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts' Office of Finance and Operations is committed to providing responsive financial management support, fiscal guidance, and excellent service to the dean, faculty, staff, and students.  Our goal is to ensure responsible and accountable stewardship of financial resources.  The services we provide include: funds management and reporting, travel reimbursements, payroll management, and day-to-day operational support.

Services for Instructors

  1. Manage faculty accounts, providing faculty members with updated account information;
  2. Manage annual SSHA fiscal reporting across all units in SSHA budgetary components.

Policies & Support Materials

SSHA Internal Forms


For inquiries, please email SSHA Financial Services at:


Financial Staff Contact Information:

Christine Tumonong
Assistant Dean - Finance  
COB-1 249

Holly Werner
Financial Analyst  
COB-1 247

Brian Baker
Financial Analyst  
COB-1 247

Marta Holtz
Financial Analyst  
COB-1 247

Roberto Godinez
Administrative Specialist  
COB-1 250


Last Updated: 2020


COVID19 Related Expenses

  1. There are two ways to claim reimbursement for additional internet expenses.
    1. Claim reimbursement on monthly
    2. Claim a lumpsum amount at the end of the semester
  2. To do that you will need to submit a request to ACT

Essentially ‘no’.  If you are planning to use the university funds, furniture can be purchased through authorized contracted vendors only. Faculty are strongly encouraged to have ACT make the up-front purchase rather than seek reimbursement. Reimbursements are not approved until reviewed and deemed in-line with University’s guidelines. Processing of reimbursements also may be delayed by additional levels of documentation and approvals. Submitting the purchase request up-front furthermore offers the opportunity for the buyer to recommend an alternative vendor that could save money or provide other added value.

Faculty are advised to use their incidental accounts for these kinds of items. See more information at this link. To avoid any complexities, we recommend instead, that you purchase a MiFi to use at home or elsewhere off-campus.

Like usual (pre-COVID), such items may be purchased using faculty start-up or incidental accounts.

All items purchased using campus funds are owned by the university. While items may not need to come back to campus, they should be returned to campus if/when employment at UCM ceases.

The funding voucher is University funds and any items funded through an Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) voucher and/or campus funds should be returned to the campus at a later date. 

These are all allowable (except for the restricted desktop printers, ink, and toner which needs a higher approval). You can use your start-up or incidentals funds for these expenses.

EH&S can cover up to $450 of the cost of ergonomic equipment/furniture (via an ergo voucher) we encourage you to apply for this voucher using the following steps: 

Please keep in mind that vouchers are limited. 

1)  Conduct an ergo assessment via the Learning Management System (LMS)      

a.  Find a Course>type ergocat into search>register

2)  There is an assessment at the end of the course.  Once you complete it, email Bill at and let him know you’ve completed the assessment.  Bill will confirm and send you your voucher.

Home delivery is possible with the approval of your CAO via ACT with exceptions to computer purchases. Computers are delivered to the Office of IT for configuration and you can pick it up from their office afterward. 

Staff and faculty should make every effort to adopt digital means of communicating and storing documents. For any restricted items such as desktop printers, ink, and toner, please provide your business justification when you submit your request to ACT.  ACT will seek the Dean’s approval on your behalf. 

Other FAQs

The answer is yes as long as you are logged on via the UC’s VPN. Here is a link to the news database A-Z database listing