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Faculty Staff Hires

Staff Recruitment Process


All staff positions (new and replacement positions) must be reviewed for proper classification. Staff hire requests must be approved by Position Delegate and Budget Office. To begin the process, the Hiring Manager will email Joseph Swann with the following details.

  • Description of the job including percent time for each type of function. We will use this to determine an appropriate staff title.
  • Expected start and end date for the appointment.
  • Expected hours per week the individual will work, including weekly schedule.
  • Work location on campus including building and room number.
  • Fund source - either the COA or a description of the account that will allow us to identify the appropriate COA.

For New Positions:

  1. Based off the information provided by the Hiring Manager. The SSHA AP team will utilize JDXpert to generate an appropriate job description.
  2. The Job Description will then be shared with the Hiring Manager for additional edits. Once finalized by the Hiring Manager the SSHA AP team will begin the classification process.
    1. Classification can begin prior to funding being approved. However, the recruitment phase cannot begin prior to receiving funding approval.

For Replacement Positions:

  1. Hiring Manager reviews and makes necessary edits to the existing JD in JDXpert for the position being replaced.
  2. Provide the updated JD to Joseph Swann to start the classification process.
  3. Once the classfication process is completed, SSHA Personnel will proceed with the Recruitment Process



Classification may take several weeks to process.  Once completed, SSHA Personnel will submit the classified JD to start the recruitment process.

During the recruitment, a HR Recruiter will contact the Hiring Manager to discuss job posting details before posting the position.

Steps for Screening, Interviewing, and Offer:

  • HR Recruiter will provide Hiring Manager with the application materials of qualified candidates.
  • Hiring Manager and committee will review applications and invite at least 3-5 qualified candidate to be interviewed.
  • Hiring Manager contacts top candidate to give verbal offer.  If accepted, an acceptable start date should be discussed (provide at least 2 weeks to allow enough time to process formal offer letter and to complete new hire paperwork).
  • Hiring Manager should contact all other candidates to notify them of the status of their candidacy.
  • Joseph Swann or a member of the HR team will prepare the formal offer letter. Once the offer letter is ready, the Hiring Manager may contact the candidate to make the official offer.
  • The signed offer letter needs to be returned to Joseph Swann.



SSHA Personnel will contact Payroll Services to provide new hire intake instructions to the new staff employee.

Once the new hire intake paperwork is processed in UCPath, a “Welcome Email” will be sent to the new staff employee.  This may not happen until a few days after the start date.  Until then, it is important that the new staff employee track their daily work hours as they will not be able to access TRS to enter their work time until receiving the Welcome email.