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Research Opportunities

SSHA Research Opportunities

Students can participate in research with SSHA Faculty and earn elective units

Students can earn elective units by supporting faculty members in various research opportunities. The first step is to talk to the SSHA professor with whom you share a research interest. Does this professor need research assistance? We recommend you start having this conversation before the next term.

Once you have identified a professor, request a meeting and, together, fill out an Independent Study Form.

  1. Determine which course will you be enrolling in
    • Example: ANTH 199
  2. Determine the number of units the course should count for
    • Note: 1 unit = three hours of research and meetings with professor per week
  3. Attach a syllabus or fill out the text box on the back side of the Independent Study Form outlining the following:
    • How many contact hours per week are you requesting and how those hours will be used?
    • How many hours will be spent doing research/project and how many hours will you be working with the faculty member?
      • Example: Three hours of independent research in the lab plus one hour meeting with the faculty member per week
  4. What will your primary responsibilities include?
  5. Drop off the completed form to SSHA Reception Desk (COB, Room 259).
  6. If approved, return to the SSHA Reception Desk after three full business days to pick up your form. Submit the completed form to the Students First Center to be registered for the course.

Learn more about research opportunities throughout various SSHA departments below

Other Research Opportunities across campus

Last Updated: January 2018

Questions: Please contact Christine Howe.