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Undergraduate Student Staff

Undergraduate Student Hire and Extension/Separation Process 

If you are interested in making a new Undergraduate Student Hire, please follow the directions listed below. Students cannot begin work until they have signed new hire documentation and received approval to begin work from Student Employment.  


Undergraduate Student Hire Process: To begin the process please refer to the links below for all referenced documents. 

  • All documentation and questions should be submitted to the SSHA AP team at

  • The  Student Classification Guide will help you determine what level you want to bring in the student assistant.  

  • The Student Assistant Pay Schedule provides the hourly rate for each level. 

  • Once you know the student assistant level, please fill out the Undergraduate Student Hire Job Description and sign (PDF – must still be in fillable format when you submit it to If you already know who you intend to hire, please have them sign the bottom of the form as well and provide their student  ID number. 

  • If your student hire will be working from home, please complete the Temporary Telecommute Agreement. Both you and your student hire will need to sign the form. The other needed signatures on the form will be acquired by the SSHA AP team after your submission. When completing the form, please fill in each of the red sections indicated throughout the document. Once you have, we recommend converting the file into a PDF to allow for digitial signatures. 

  • When emailing the completed documents please provide the following:

    • Funding Source: Please provide COA or an accurate description of the account.

    • Expected Start and End Date.

    • Number of hours the student hire will work each week.

    • Student ID number for your student hire.

    • Phone number for your student hire.


Direct Hires vs Recruitment: Whether you need to recruit for the position or if you already know who you intend to hire the same documentation will need to be completed. Student information and signatures will be completed after you have made your final selection.


Separation and Extension: Two weeks prior to the student hire’s set end date, the SSHA AP team will contact the hiring manager. At that time you can decide if you would like to extend the student hire’s appointment or separate as planned. If you plan to extend, please provide the funding source you intend to use for the extension and the new end date. If you plan to separate, no further action will be needed once the SSHA AP team has been informed of your decision.