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Department Support Services

Department Support Services 


We actively partner with our department chairs and faculty as well as colleagues servicing other business units to support the educational and research mission of the university. Our primary goal is to provide timely, friendly, and innovative support for communication and administrative activities while being adaptable to evolving timelines and priorities.

Support Services include:

Administrative Support 

  • Administrative support for department chairs.
  • Respond to questions from faculty, staff, and other business units.  Provide feedback and guidance as well as direction to relevant resources.
  • Coordinate/schedule and facilitate all faculty department meetings and other departmental meetings; create meeting agendas and minutes.
  • Update department websites and social media pages.
  • Facilitate voting for department business during meetings and other occasions as needed
  • Create and disseminate surveys for multiple purposes.
  • Collect and store course syllabi for each semester/session as well as respond to requests for syllabi.
  • Disseminate information on behalf of the chairs and other entities to faculty and students.
  • Assist with purchase and reimbursement requests by providing policy guidance, instructions, and/or submitting to CBS2 on behalf of others.
  • Assist department chairs with course scheduling, collecting and organizing teaching preferences, IOR petition signatures, record-keeping and enrollment figures.
  • Assist department chairs in monitoring department expenditures.
  • Assist with hiring student assistants, limited staff hires, and course readers.
  • Event support services including (but not limited to) event consultation, travel arrangements, payments, advertising, and reimbursements
  • Work on special projects with SSHA leadership and staff as well as department chairs and faculty members.
  • Serve as archivists for departmental records.


Events Support


Financial Services and Web Support

  • Department financial account management 
  • Department website management 


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For inquiries, please email:

Policies & Support Materials

  • Campus Purchasing (campus-wide)
  • Travel (campus-wide) (e.g., Connexxus for travel arrangements, Express for travel reimbursements, and policies)
  • Reimbursements - (Entertainment, travel, non-travel and non- entertainment)


Support Staff Contact Information

  Heidi Green                           
  Interim Department Support Lead
  (209) 382-4073
  Office: COB-1, 245
Heidi Green
Department Specialist
(209) 382-4073
Office: COB-1, 255
  Jocelyn De La Torre
  Department Specialist
  (209) 285-4403
  Office: COB-1, 254
  Stephanie Lopez
  Department Specialist
  (209) 308-3329
  Office: COB-1, 255
  Ericka Garcia
  Events & Department Support Coordinator
  (209) 201-8167
  Office: COB-1, 254


Last Updated: May 2023