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Department Support Services

Department Support Services


We actively partner with our department chairs and faculty as well as colleagues on campus to support the educational and research mission of the university. Our primary goal is to provide efficient and innovative support for communication and administrative activities while being adaptable to changing timelines and priorities.

Support Services include:

  • Fielding questions from faculty, staff and department chairs and guiding them to the relevant resources
  • Coordinating faculty meetings, curriculum meetings, grad program meetings, calendar invites, and generating meeting minutes
  • Updating the departmental website and social media pages
  • Facilitate voting during and after the department meetings
  • Disseminating information on behalf of the chair to students and faculty
  • Coordinating requests/parking request for guest speakers
  • Assist with the curriculum and teaching preferences, delivery, IOR petition signatures, class scheduling, record-keeping, and enrollment figures
  • Assist with the purchase and travel reimbursement requests
  • Serve as a repository for institutional memory
  • Events support services 


For inquiries, please email:

Policies & Support Materials

  • Campus Purchasing (campuswide)
  • Travel (campuswide) (e.g. Connexxus for travel arrangements, Express for travel reimbursements, and policies)


Support Staff Contact Information

Mohabbat Ahmadi
Department Support Supervisor
(209) 308-3329
Office: COB-1, 250
Heidi Green
Department Specialist 
(209) 382-4073
Office: COB-1, 255
Nancy Higareda-Marquez
Department Specialist 
(209) 201-8167

Office: COB-1, 255
Austyn Smith
Events Coordinator 
(209) 228-2280
Office: COB-1, 254








Last Updated: 2020