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UC Merced - Beginnings sculpture

Please refer to the menu on the right for more information about the majors within the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts.


As a new campus, UC Merced has the singular opportunity to foster an integrative environment that draws from disciplinary research traditions, but is not limited by their boundaries.

The School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts offers a broad range of programs dedicated to preparing students for varied roles as responsible and thoughtful citizens and leaders. We offer research and academic programs in anthropology, the arts, cognitive science, economics, foreign languages, history, literatures and cultures, management, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology and world heritage that:

  • prepare students for meaningful careers and professions;
  • encourage intellectual and moral growth;
  • promote sound decision-making;
  • instill the values of lifelong learning; and
  • encourage civic responsibility, public service and understanding in a diverse, global society.

Students have opportunities to follow personal paths of discovery in disciplinary or interdisciplinary curricula, while at the same time gaining depth and expertise in methodological domains such as social statistics, historiography, geographic information systems, economics, cultural analysis and cognitive science.

Culture, society and artistic expression differ widely on the basis of their historical eras and geographical locations. Individuals and their cultures are affected by diverse natural environments, the questions we ask about ourselves and the world, the changing ways in which the world has been measured and envisioned, and the legacies of contacts, migrations or isolation.

As students learn to understand the ways that time and place have shaped lives, institutions and works of the imagination, they develop perspectives that enable them to better understand and shape our futures.


Last Updated: July 2016