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Social Movements: The Structure of Collective Mobilization

Date of Publication: 

About the Book:

The University of California Press recently published a book by Sociology Professor Paul Almeida entitled, Social Movements: The Structure of Collective Mobilization. The work outlines the fundamental properties of social movements, including chapters focusing on methods of study, dominant and insurgent theoretical frameworks, movement emergence, movement framing and messaging, individual recruitment to movements, movement outcomes/conditions associated with success, and social movement struggles in the global South as well as transnational movements. The book emphasizes the critical role of joint action by ordinary people to confront major economic, political and environmental threats in the twenty-first century. More specifically, it examines how and when people mobilize against economic inequality, racism, environmental injustice, climate change, gender discrimination and other major issues and the likelihood of achieving desired social change.

About the Author:

Paul Almeida is a Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Merced. His research centers on political sociology, historical comparative, globalization, and social movements.

Paul Almeida