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Race and Racisms: A Critical Approach

Date of Publication: 

About the Book:

Race and Racisms: A Critical Approach , Second Edition, engages students in significant--and timely--questions related to racial dynamics in the U.S. and around the world. Written in accessible, straightforward language, the book discusses and critically analyzes cutting-edge scholarship in the field. Organized into topics and concepts rather than discrete racial groups, the text addresses:

  • How and when the idea of race was created and developed

  • How structural racism has worked historically to reproduce inequality

  • How we have a society rampant with racial inequality, even though most people do not consider themselves to be racist

  • How race, class, and gender work together to create inequality and identities

  • How immigration policy in the United States has been racialized

  • How racial justice could be imagined and realized

About the Author:

Tanya Maria Golash-Boza is a Professor of Sociology at the University of California-Merced. She is the author of five sole-authored books:Race and Racisms (2018) Deported (2015), Due Process Denied (2012), Immigration Nation (2012), and Yo Soy Negro: Blackness in Peru (2011), and the editor of Forced Out and Fenced In (2018). She has also published dozens of articles in peer-reviewed journals on deportations, race and racism, and U.S. Latinos/as and Latin America, in addition to essays and chapters in edited volumes and online venues such as Al Jazeera,The Nation, Salon, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. Her innovative scholarship was awarded the 2010 Distinguished Early Career Award from the Racial and Ethnic Minorities Studies Section of the American Sociological Association. In 2013, she was awarded the UC Merced Academic Senate Award for Distinguished Scholarly Public Service. In 2016, her Deported was awarded the Distinguished Contribution to Research Book Award from the Latino/a Studies Section of the American Sociological Association.

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Tonya Maria Golash-Boza