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The Oxford Handbook of Emotional Development

Date of Publication: 


This volume concerns emotional development and includes contributions from leading experts in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, sociology, primatology, philosophy, history, cognitive science, computer science, and education. This is the first volume of its kind to include such a multidisciplinary group of experts to consider emotional development, and, as such, provides perhaps the most complete examination yet of how emotions develop and manifest themselves neuronally, intra- and interpersonally, across different cultures and species, and over time. The volume is separated into five sections: macro and micro underpinnings, communication and understanding, interactive contexts, socialization and learning, and morality and prosocial behavior. Each section includes contributions from researchers in at least three disciplines, resulting in a volume that is destined to provoke the interested reader into either purposively and accidentally discovering emotional development from novel and stimulating perspectives. The chapters are written to be concise in their overview and accessible to the researcher or intellectually curious person alike. Thus, the reader can enjoy state-of-the-art critical analysis of emotional development from different standpoints, which, whether dipped into casually or read as a whole, will provide the best view of not only what we know today about emotional development, but also where the future study of emotional development lies.

Eric Walle (Co-Editor)