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For additional information on Sociology at UC Merced, please visit the Sociology website.


A minor in Sociology gives students the ability to understand the complexities of today’s society by examining human behavior and social actions. In examining how social structures (such as work, the family, religion, etc.) help shape social rules, processes and agency, students gain a better understanding of the entirety of today's world — from poverty, gender, race and organizational behavior to politics. In studying these issues, students learn to use analytical reasoning and apply sociological theories to explain a wide range of social phenomena.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the major and minor in Sociology, students will:

  1. Think critically about the causes and consequences of social inequality;
  2. Design and evaluate empirical sociological research;
  3. Explain and apply the major theoretical perspectives in sociology;
  4. Communicate orally and in writing about sociological concepts; and
  5. Use their sociological education outside of the undergraduate classroom, particularly in their careers or further education.

Alumni Success

Student graduates from our program are engaging in graduate studies and careers. A few of these after-college endeavors are listed below.

Graduate School

Student graduates from the Sociology program are studying at the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of North Carolina.


Student graduates from the Sociology program are working in a variety of professional settings including community-based agencies in the arts and culture sector, social services organizations such as the United Way and in university administration offices.

Updated 2021