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[For additional information regarding the Management program, please visit the new Management website].


The Management minor at UC Merced provides an opportunity for students who are majoring in another field, such as the sciences or engineering, to learn the fundamental analytical and quantitative tools necessary for management decision-making. Students receive training in economic theory, statistics, accounting and fields including human resources, strategy, finance and organizational theory.

Program Learning Outcomes

Our faculty members work to prepare students for a holistic understanding of the knowledge and skills of the discipline. Upon completion of the degree, we expect students who major and minor in Management to demonstrate the following:

  1. Analyze key data and solve problems related to business management;
  2. Apply theories and concepts from disciplines in management and business economics (e.g. accounting, economics, statistics, finance, and marketing) to business management situations;
  3. Use effective written and oral communication consistent with the discipline and professional environments;
  4. Apply information technology to develop business proposals, models, and reports, with recommendations for economics and management strategies and actions; and
  5. Evaluate ethical, social and external issues as they relate to the organization, operations, human resources and business ventures.

Alumni Success

Student graduates from our program are engaging in graduate studies and careers. A few of these after-college endeavors are listed below.

Graduate School

Student graduates from the Management program are studying in a variety of programs including the University of California campuses at Berkeley and Davis.


Student graduates from the Management program are working in a variety of professional settings including accounting companies, foundations, professional sports teams and regional-level community organizing agencies.

Updated 2021