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For additional information regarding Economics at UC Merced, please visit the Economics website.


Students with an interest in developing a solid grounding in economic theory are encouraged to consider a minor in Economics. The minor provides students with an understanding of how incentives and institutions shape society. Students in the Economics minor have opportunities for strong theoretical and statistical training in areas of development economics, economics growth, economic history, empirical methods, environmental economics, health economics, international trade, labor economics, law and economics, political economy and public economics.

Program Learning Outcomes

Our faculty members work to prepare students for a holistic understanding of the knowledge and skills of the discipline. Upon completion of the degree, we expect students to demonstrate the following for the major and minor:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the role of organizations and institutions in a society, the impact of organizations and institutions on the economic environment and outcomes, and how incentives influence individual and organizational behavior and performance;
  2. Recognize and describe how government actions affect economic performance and how economic interests influence government decisions;
  3. Design and conduct research that will inform managerial and policy decision-making, including the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data using familiar software packages;
  4. Define problems and identify multifaceted explanations for complex economic phenomena by using information and data from multiple sources to answer the questions at hand;
  5. Demonstrate critical thinking about the information encountered, whether it is in coursework or reported in the media; and
  6. Communicate clearly and cogently in written and oral form using modern technology.

Alumni Success

Student graduates from our program are currently engaging in graduate studies and careers. A few of these after-college endeavors are listed below.

Graduate School

Student graduates from our Economics program are studying at the University of California, Davis, and Golden Gate University.


Student graduates from the Economics program are working in a variety of professional settings including accounting companies, a mayor's office, in university administrative offices and in school districts.

Updated 2021