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Academic research is a critical aspect of UC Merced's mission, just as it is with other University of California campuses. The process of discovery provides our students with a deeper understanding of the world and its cultural, social, natural and engineered systems.Research on brain-mapping

The School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts' research is broadly divided among four major areas, with numerous graduate research groups across the school, fostering an environment of interdisciplinary research. These areas are:

The school's faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students conduct cutting-edge research, a fundamental part of the school.

Center for Human Adaptive Systems and Environments (CHASE)

Just established, CHASE will house research on adaptive systems composed of human behaviors that are fundamentally intertwined with their environments. CHASE's mission is to build an interdisciplinary faculty group with a research approach that cuts across many scales and levels of analysis -- from neurons and neural networks, to the interaction between humans/groups and their environments. Led by the faculty in Cognitive and Information Sciences, CHASE’s theoretical motivation stems from recent developments in complexity research showing that human adaptive systems interact with their environments in lawful ways across scales and disciplinary bounds. Such lawful principles may transform our understanding of human adaptive systems, and our ability to guide and shape their interactions with environments toward sustainability and health.


Last Updated: June 2016