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Instructional Services

Office of Instructional Services


The Office of Instructional Services is committed to supporting the university’s mission of teaching, research and public service by providing optimal customer service to SSHA instructors. The Office strives to support pedagogy through instructional and curricular services tailored to instructor and student needs.


  1. Ensure the integrity of the confidential course-evaluation process through the creation, distribution, collection and return of course evaluation results.
  2. Clearly communicate the process by which textbook and desk copy requests are submitted and ensure that instructors receive requested desk copies in advance of each term.
  3. Manage School course offerings, in collaboration with faculty, SSHA Advising, and SSHA Administration, based on historical enrollments and actual student need to meet student demand.
  4. Facilitate the implementation of curricular changes for courses and academic programs.
  5. Facilitate clear communication in the areas of curriculum and instruction through collaboration with the SSHA Curriculum Committee, Office of the Registrar, Campus Book Store, instructors and UC Merced staff.


  1. Manage the course-evaluation process including distribution, collection and storage.
  2. Distribute textbook and desk copy-order process, maintain online desk copy request form, and provide desk copies based on instructor requests.
  3. Process course scheduling requests for new and existing courses in collaboration with faculty, the Office of the Registrar, the SSHA Advising Office, the SSHA Academic Personnel Office and SSHA administration.
  4. Track mid-term and final grade submissions, and facilitate student grade changes as needed.
  5. Support the SSHA Curriculum Committee through the scheduling of meetings, drafting of agendas and memos, recording of minutes, facilitation of full SSHA faculty votes, and dissemination of information from the Senate Office, etc. Manage annual update of SSHA sections of the UC Merced General Catalog. Routinely facilitate the process by which new and revised course requests (CRFs) are created, reviewed, assessed and implemented.
  6. Process the following student forms: Course Over-Enrollment and Independent Study.
  7. Provide instructors with training, maintenance and troubleshooting assistance for Scantron machines.



Instructional Services Staff:

Staff Functions:

Megan Topete
Assistant Dean, Student and Instructional Services
P: 209-228-4594


Angela Dixon
Manager of Instructional Services
P: 209-228-7839

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Course Scheduling
  • Unit-18 Lecturer FTE Calculations
  • Undergraduate Program Creation and Revisions (catalog changes)
  • Undergraduate Course Request Forms (CRFs)
  • Curriculum Committee Support
  • SSHA New Instructor Orientation

Casey Delfino
Course Scheduler
P: 209-228-4495

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Course Scheduling
  • Finals Exams
  • Grade Submissions/Deadlines
  • Instructional Software Requests
  • Classroom Concerns (technology or otherwise)
  • Over Enrollment Forms
Melissa Poe
Instructional Services Assistant
P: 209-228-4495
  • Course Evaluations
  • Independent Study Forms
  • TA Desk Copy Support
  • Scantron Machine Support
  • Signage for Class Cancellations
Yazmin Colin
Course Articulation Analyst
  • Course Articulation Requests
  • Course Articulation Database
  • Guidance and Recommendations for Faculty and Students

Last Updated: July 2020

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