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Course Scheduling

Course Scheduling Guidelines

The process of course scheduling is a collaborative effort between The Office of the Registrar, SSHA Scheduling Faculty from each discipline, and SSHA’s Course Scheduling Coordinator. An overview of the guidelines are as follows and a more detailed guideline can be found under resources:

  • Class meeting times requested must match hours approved in the Course Request Forms (CRFs)
  • Disciplines are expected to distribute their offerings between MWF (before 6:00pm), MW (after 4:30pm), and TR patterns using standard time blocks with:
    • No more than 60% of Class sections using Prime Time (between 9:00am and 3:00pm)
    • No more than 40% of Class sections using the TR pattern
    • Classrooms are assigned to closely match room capacity with projected Class enrollment. Actual enrollment may be adjusted based on historical and projected enrollments from Platinum Analytics
  • Any requests that reflect an unbalanced distribution of course offerings will be returned to the Scheduling Faculty in that discipline for adjustment and resubmission.

SSHA will submit requests for disciplines in the order in which a complete list of course requests within a discipline are received. The Office of the Registrar determines priority in scheduling:

  • Primary Class sections (lectures/seminars) are scheduled before Secondary Class Sections (discussions/labs);
  • Required Secondary Class Sections are scheduled before optional Secondary Class Sections;
  • Large Classes are scheduled first.

Classes that meet using standard time patterns are given priority over those using non-standard patterns. Classes with specialized pedagogical design are given appropriate consideration.

Final Exams

The final exam schedule is available on the course schedule at the Office of the Registrar’s website. When viewing this site, please be sure to select the current term and “All Classes” as the website defaults to the following term and “Open Classes Only”.

If you do NOT plan to utilize your final exam period(s), please email at your earliest convenience.

Additional Scheduling Resources

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