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Curriculum Support

SSHA Curriculum Committee Support

The School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts Curriculum Committee (SSHA CC) serves as the faculty Senate body that exercises curricular authority specified in the SSHA Bylaws on matters related to undergraduate curriculum within the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts.

The SSHA CC also advises the school's dean on matters related to curriculum and associated policies and procedures.

SSHA Curriculum Committee Policies and Procedures

SSHA Curriculum Committee Deadlines for Undergraduate Academic Programs & Courses

1. Fall deadline for all undergraduate CRFs (new and revised) effective the following Spring and Summer terms: June 30, 2019)
2. Spring deadline for all undergraduate CRFs (new and revised) effective the following Fall term: January 2, 2020
3. Deadline for degree program proposals effective Fall 2021: November 1, 2019
4. Deadline for catalog changes effective the following Fall term: January 2, 2020

Course Proposals (CRFs) – New and Revised

Our campus has implemented Curriculog, a Curriculum Management System, which facilitates a streamlined submission and approval process for all undergraduate and graduate courses, both new and revised, as a basis for the campus catalog. SSHA Curriculum Committee has established internal deadlines to ensure sufficient time for the course proposals to meet the abovementioned UGC deadlines; they are listed as a part of the SSHA Course Proposal (CRF) Flow Chart. The following links will aid in course creation and revision, as well as navigating the system; to set up a one-on-one training session, please contact Angela Dixon,


Resources for Course Proposals/Revisions

Program Proposals - New and Revised

Undergraduate Council

Undergraduate Council (UGC) establishes policy for undergraduate education on the Merced campus and advises the Chancellor or Chancellor’s designee on all matters pertaining to undergraduate education. UGC reviews, coordinates, and takes final action on all matters relating to courses of undergraduate instruction and approves or declines to approve, the establishment, discontinuation, or modification of undergraduate programs, majors, minors, courses, and certificates

Resources for Graduate Course and Program Proposals/Revisions

  • Graduate Support Services
  • Graduate Educational Policies can be found here in the Course Request/Modification and Graduate Instruction & Mentoring sections.

Graduate Council

Graduate Council (GC) advises the Merced Division and Administration on all matters related to graduate education. GC establishes policies for graduate education at Merced, and authorizes, supervises and regulates all graduate courses and graduate programs of instruction. This includes making recommendations to the Merced Division and the Systemwide Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs (CCGA) on the establishment of new graduate programs leading to graduate degrees, and any substantial change to existing graduate programs. GC maintains liaison with the CCGA.