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What is the process for requesting honorarium payments?


Prior to the talk:

Submit a general purchasing request to CBS2

    1. Funding source
    2. Name of the individual
    3. Contact information
    4. Business justification
    5. Amount - one-time-payment
    6. Backup documentation (Citizenship matters, please make sure you read the information regarding international participant document requirements.)

CBS2 will provide guest speakers with the Substitute W-9 for U.S. Companies and Individuals or a W-8BEN, for foreign individuals. Once the form is complete, they will submit it directly to or fax it to 209-228-0073.

After talk:

Follow up with CBS2 and submit all other relevant information and check on the status of the payment.

Once a request is submitted to CBS2 a purchase order will be created and the request will be uploaded for Accounts Payable processing and payment, this applies to both domestic and international participants.