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The School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts is dedicated to the exploration of the human experience. We are committed to innovative and substantive research, excellent teaching and student-focused learning. SSHA provides depth within a broad range of outstanding academic programs that prepare students for varied roles as responsible, informed citizens and leaders. Our school encourages critical thinking, lifelong learning, civic responsibility and global understanding. The School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts professors

As a student at the first research university of the 21st century, you will be exposed to a unique learning environment with relatively small classes and a highly interdisciplinary atmosphere. Our school is still young and informal, which provides a rare opportunity to have the advantages of a world-class public research university in an atmosphere that is personalized to your goals.

When you select a course of study within SSHA, you are deciding to spend your UC Merced career:

  • Studying diverse realities and complex social issues;
  • Researching social institutions and cultural systems and the effects they have on societies;
  • Understanding the world by examining its past and exploring its future;
  • Using the latest technology to investigate human thought, behavior and interactions; and
  • Appreciating diverse cultures by learning about and taking part in their creative expressions.

Last Updated: January 2018

Questions: Please contact Christine Howe.