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The Office of Instructional Services prioritizes clear, confidential and timely instructional and curricular support services for SSHA instructors. 


  1. Maintain integrity of the confidential process of course evaluations through creation, distribution, collection and return of course evaluation results in a timely manner;
  2. Provide an efficient and transparent process by which textbook requests are submitted and fulfilled, ensuring that in advance of each term, instructors receive desk copies and textbooks are available in the campus bookstore for student purchase;
  3. Manage undergraduate course offerings based on historical enrollments and actual student need to meet student demand in collaboration with faculty members;
  4. Provide efficient and precise implementation of curriculum changes for courses and academic programs;
  5. Provide SSHA instructors and staff timely coordination of events internal to SSHA; and
  6. Facilitate clear communication with constituents in the areas of curriculum and instruction through collaboration with the SSHA Curriculum Committee, SSHA Executive Committee, Office of the Registrar, instructors and staff members internally and across campus. 

Services for Instructors

  1. Manage course evaluation process including distribution, collection, storage and sharing;
  2. Coordinate textbook orders including maintaining online forms, collecting textbook request information, communicating with the campus bookstore and distributing desk copies;
  3. Process undergraduate course scheduling of new and existing courses with modifications, and collaborate with the Registrar, SSHA Advising, SSHA Graduate, SSHA Student & Program Assessment, SSHA Curriculum Committee and UGC to undertake this process;       
  4. Track midterm and final grade submissions, and facilitate student grade changes as needed;
  5. Support the SSHA Curriculum Committee and SSHA Executive Committee through the scheduling of meetings, drafting of agendas, recording of minutes, etc.;
  6. Manage annual update of SSHA sections of the UC Merced General Catalog;
  7. Process the following student forms: Course Over-Enrollment and Independent Study;
  8. Support instructors with Scantron and photocopy machines by providing copy codes, training, maintenance, etc.;
  9. Collect, track and archive course syllabi;
  10. Every term, update instructors’ office hours for administrative documents;
  11. Coordinate academic seminars and conferences to be held within SSHA; and
  12. Organize and disseminate instruction-related information (e.g. email account, memos, orientations, pamphlets, etc.).

Services for Staff Members

  1. Coordinate SSHA staff participation in schoolwide and campuswide events including Preview Day/Family Weekend, Bobcat Day, ASCEND Conference, Group Advising Sessions, etc.; and
  2. Organize and disseminate instructional-related information through the email account, memos, orientations, pamphlets, etc.


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Instructional Services & Events Staff:

Contact with questions regarding:

Megan Topete

Manager, Instructional Services

P: 209-228-4594


Angela Dixon

Course Scheduling Coordinator


Erica Magana

Instructional Services Assistant

P: 209-228-2336





Email for further inquiries.


Last Updated: July 2016