Purchasing and Procurement

SSHA Purchasing


The SSHA Purchasing team is available to assist you with all of your purchasing needs. We have campus and system wide agreements in place with vendors for a variety of different equipment (computer equipment, office supplies, etc). Let us know what you are interested in and we will research possible vendors for you. If you have a specific purchasing request that you would like to discuss, you can set-up a time to meet with one of our purchasing staff by emailing ssha.purchasing@ucmerced.edu.


  • UC purchasing policies can be found at the Business and Financial Services website.

  • Use of employees' personal funds and reimbursements for procurement of goods and services is discouraged. One of the most common violations of policy is the purchase of goods or services that are more than $500.00. A $500 limit has been established for reimbursements for purchases other than travel, entertainment and conference registrations .

  • If you have an item (or group of items) that are over the $500 limit, please send an email to ssha.purchasing@ucmerced.edu so that we can make the purchase for you. This will ensure that you are not personally out of pocket for the expense. FYI: We are able to make purchases via a purchase order or with our department purchasing credit card (Visa).

  • If you elect to purchase something using your own personal funds, please note, that if the amount is in excess of $500, an approval is needed prior to purchase. Please request approval from ssha.purchasing@ucmerced.edu.

  • If you elect not to obtain prior approval for your purchase, you can submit an Unauthorized Purchase Form request; however, approval is not guaranteed. Also, an Unauthorized Purchase Form request will delay the reimbursement process. Please submit your reimbursement request to ssha.reimbursements@ucmerced.edu.


  • When submitting a request, please include a detailed purpose. Example: I would like to order these 10 books for research purposes. I am currently researching Literature in the southwest. With these books, I will be able to continue my research in this field. I will also be writing & submitting a paper on this topic.



  • We are able to purchase books for you via a purchase order or with our department purchasing credit card (Visa).

  • Please send us your list of books with the links to your preferred providers (or an Amazon Wish List).

Computer Equipment:

  • We are able to purchase computer equipment and accessories for you from a variety of vendors that provide computer equipment and accessories (CDWg, Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc). Apple products are purchased from the UC Merced Bookstore.

  • Several desktop and laptop options are available on the IT site (see Service Catalog).

  • Once you have made your selection, please send the specifications to ssha.purchasing@ucmerced.edu. We will work with a vendor to obtain a formal quote and place the order.


  • If you have services that would require the signing of a contract, please send the request to ssha.purchasing@ucmerced.edu and our Purchasing Specialist will forward a requisition to the central UCM Procurement Department. Our UC Merced Procurement Department Buyers are the only ones who can sign a contract agreement on behalf of UC Merced.

Lab Equipment:

  • Depending on your lab needs, UC Merced is able to order from a variety of vendors. Please work with our purchasing team to discuss your options.

  • Please do not purchase any lab furniture or equipment directly, this is against UC policy. Our purchasing department will be able to make these purchases on your behalf.

Mobile Phone:

  • If you would like a UC Merced mobile device, there are several options to choose from, please review them at the IT site (see Mobile Devise Purchase Catalog).

  • Once you have selected the mobile device you would like, please send the following information to the MSO, Christine Tumonong (ctumonong@ucmerced.edu).

    1. Which account would you like to bill your mobile device charges to?

      • Incidental or Start-up

    2. What type of device would you like to order?

      • Mobile Phone (requires Voice Plan: $29.99* per month with UC Discount)

      • Smartphone (requires Voice Plan: $29.00* per month and Data Plan: $33.75* per month with UC Discount)

      • Tablet (requires Data Plan: $44.00* per month with UC Discount)

      • MiFi (requires Data Plan: $44.00* per month with UC Discount)

    3. What is the name/model of the mobile device you have selected?

    4. What is your preferred color (black is the default)?

    5. Next, would you like a text plan?

      • Pay-per Text: $0.20* per message

      • Unlimited Text: $20.00* per month

    6. Would you like protection/warranty on your mobile device?

      • Limited Warranty: $7.99* per month

        • This warranty does NOT cover drop damage or cracked screens.

        • This warranty covers theft, loss, water damage & out of warranty malfunction.

    7. Would you like a case for your mobile device?

      • SPECK = starting at $28.00*

      • Otter Box = starting at $40.00*

    * All prices/amounts listed are subject to change without notice.

    Office Furniture:

    • Steelcase has a contract with the University of California to supply all of our office furniture. Tangram Interiors is the authorized Steelcase dealer for UC Merced.

    • If you would like to add or make changes to the furniture in your office (lateral files, bookcases, tables, etc) please email Allison Costa acosta@ucmerced.edu to discuss your options.

    • Once a quote is generated and approved by you, Allison will work with Tangram to confirm the order. Once ordered, it typically takes 6-8 weeks for Tangram to receive the order and complete the installation.

    Office Supplies:

    • Our preferred provider for office supplies is OfficeMax.

    • To view the available options, please visit the OfficeMax website at: www.officemaxworkplace.com

      • User name: UCMercedBrowse

      • Password: browser1

    • Please send your list of choices (name of the item and item number) to ssha.purchasing@ucmerced.edu.


    • UC Merced IT has several types of software available for your use or purchase on the IT site (see Software Installs/Purchasing).

    • If you need to purchase other software, we are able to purchase it for you with our department credit card or via purchase order.